PRMBC Task Force

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic (also known as Coronavirus), a Task Force was appointed to begin discussions on safe and effective measures to incorporate prior to returning to in-person worship. The various members were selected based upon their knowledge or practice in a specified area to accomplish the goal of returning to physical Worship Service at Pilgrim Rest M.B. Church with the guidance of prayer and the expertise of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and other professionals who are collectively in the fight to stop the spread of the virus. 

The purpose of the task force is to gather and discuss information to establish guidelines and implement a course of action to help navigate a revised Worship Service with a live stream format that reaches our members and friends and a format as we prepare to return to sanctuary Worship.  No specific date of returning has been identified due to the on-going outbreak data of COVID-19, however, Pastor Canada has chosen various ministry leaders and members to be a part of the Task Force to help direct this initiative so our church can be informed and prepared. 


*Task Force updates and the development of church procedures will be on-going as more is known about the importance of being safe while navigating through these times in the midst of COVID-19.  

Currently, all in-person gatherings have been cancelled until further notice due to the pandemic, however, we will continue to provide excellent Worship Services and Bible Study via live stream through Facebook, Zoom, our church Website, and YouTube.